DIY: Orchid Hair Grip


I got inspired by the latest collection of Fendi to create an oversized hairpiece.

fendi,diy-hair-clip,oversized-hair-piece,hair-grip,fashion-diy,Fendi Spring 2015 RTW (


You would need:

  • Leather or Vinyl
  • Grip
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Threads


  1. Cut 8 petals from vinyl or leather : 3 black, 3 gold, 2 blue
  2. Cut out veins in black and blue petals
  3. Glue black petal on top of gold
  4. Prepare all the cut out orchid pieces
  5. Wrap grip with thread
  6. Start assembling all the pieces by gluing first to the grip and the rest to each other
  7. Glue blue petals
  8. Add some stamens from blue left overs
  9. Glue the rest of the pieces to finish the orchid

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